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Here are Skin Cop’s top things to do to change skin. All these supplements and additions are available through the London Wellness Centre. If you call us (020 7341 9972) or email us ( and quote the discount code ‘SkinCopDecember’ we will give you at 10% discount off the usual price!

All these products are useless without all the important re-education, guidance and support that a highly trained skin health practioner can offer their patients. Sign up for a personalised Medico Beauty DERMAplan today and locate your nearest practioner.

Scott Roll for drying the face is a must. Throw those nasty face towels away today! I love Supracor’s SpaCell Facial Pad and Body Mitts for intelligent lymph stimulation.



ATP Vitamin B Supplement helps to increase energy, enhance athletic endurance, burn fat, erradicate cellulite, make the skin shine and improve mental clarity. Quite simply, my life quality would be much reduced without this wondrous supplement. To really detox the body and ensure that it has all the nutrients it needs, also opt for Cosmedix’s Balance Absolute Greens and Restore Colon Cleanse.
I encourage all my patients to take Vitamin D and Fish Oils Omega 3, 6 & 9 every day. ISO D3 by Metegenics and Eskimo Oil are total musts. Similarly to ATP, these two supplements have changed my life and the lives and health of many of my patients. I cannot recommend these highly enough.
Erradicate all High Street products and any other chemical, synthetic irritants in any face and body products in your bathroom collection. Remember, even so called ‘luxury’, ‘organic’, ‘simple’ and ‘cosmecutical’ products can contain these damaging ingredients. Become ingredient aware. Stop moisturising and Stop Exfoliating right away! Both methods cause much more harm than good.
Use a great cleanser and an antioxidant serum to fight Free Radical Attack in the morning and evening. My favourites are Purity Clean, Benefit Clean, Benefit Balance, Purity Balance and Affirm. For a real, change my skin woweeee punch add some shakes of Pure C powder or Catalyst by Osmosis.
Beauty MythsStart using an intelligent, mineral based SPF. Check out a recent article I wrote about the importance of sunsreen here. Beware of products – such as lip glosses, moisturisers and eye creams – which claim that they contain SPF protection. Also, watch out for the misleading labelling on many brands. My favourites are Cosmedix’s Reflect, Hydrate+ and Serious Protection. I also love Shelter by Osmosis, which is available from the London Wellness Centre.

Most sunscreens only protect against sun-burning UVB, however, skin experts now know that damaging UVA is also present in light, both day and night. The combination of protective minerals found in this product – not chemical formulations – have the ability to provide full spectrum protection. Always choose chemical free: Studies have shown that there is only a 4% difference in protection from burning UVB between a chemical factor 30 and factor 50.

Unlike many competitors, our sunscreens do not contain Oxybenzone or any other chemical due to their inadequate UVA protection and irritation of the skin. Instead, our product use Zinc Oxide 7.02%, a non-irritating, broadband physical sunscreen. A mineral sunblock will continue to protect the skin until it is either washed from or sweated off the skin’s surface.

1. Use sunscreen everyday

2. Yes, that’s every day: even when it’s cloudy and not just when you are on holiday

3. No, Medico Beauty staff aren’t sun haters – it’s good for you! – but we do encourage our patients enjoy the sun in an intelligent, safe way

4. Even those with apparently normal skin still need to protect their faces intelligently

5. We advise our patients to apply suncreen multiple times a day, every day, whatever the weather, whatever the location

6. If you are planning on being outdoors for longer than 20 minutes, apply a factor of SPF 28 every two hours

Clear out your grubby old make up bag and replace all products with Mineral Make Up. Why? Find out here. Medico Beauty’s foundations are great because they are pressed rather than loose powders, meaning that they are – unlike many mineral powders out there – perfect for on the go application.

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