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"My team and I see 'exfoliator' and 'scrub' products everywhere we go. YAWN!"

I’ve treated countless patients with over exfoliated, sensitized and prematurely aged skin as a result of these upsetting, irritating, detergent filled products and exfoliating mitts.

STOP THE ROT PEOPLE! Skin Cop is on a mission to bust these ridiculous beauty myths!

T H E – S I T U A T I O N

In our many years of clinical practice – we first started in the aesthetics bizz back in 1989 – I have met thousands of patients suffering from dry and sensitive skin. We fully understand, therefore, the frustration caused by its many symptoms. To make things worse, there is a lack of effective treatment options available. Many people fall into a vicious cycle of applying more moisturizer and exfoliating more vigorously to self-treat their problem and get rid of ‘dead skin’ … without realising that they are the very substances and techniques which contributed to their dry skin in the first place.

Isn’t it ridiculous that in the 21st century we are still in this situation?! Babies and children don’t exfoliate … Many men don’t exfoliate … And none of them suffer from the tight and sore skin that I see day in, day out.

"Healthy Skin can exfoliate and moisturise itself."

So why do so many women and some men suffer from this frustrating problem?

E X F O L I T A T I N G – S C R U B S

The skin is made up of various microscopic layers. Without any of the absorbent, intelligent, bio-logical ingredients, exfoliating scrubs strip the skin’s protective top layer barrier, affecting its natural ability to defend against UV Radiation and Free Radical penetration.

"None of these treatments systems get to the root cause of a patients problem."

This situation eventually results in long term damage and premature ageing. Skin Cop loves good, healthy ageing. Premature Ageing, however, is an absolute NO NO for all my patients.

E X F O L I A T I N G – M I T T S

I’m only going to use a few words to sum up my attitude to nasty exfoliating mitts: useless soggy, unintelligent, bacteria filled rags. Throw. Them. Away!

"These systems wound the skin for the short term, whilst causing long term damage."

All of my comments above also apply to in-clinic manual exfoliation techniques and treatments, such as microdermabrasion. I have this machine in my practice: I bought one back in 1995 but have not used the thing in years. I could still be using it, charging £150 a session to my patients, however, I would never unethically use something that I didn’t believe in. It cost me a bomb at the time, but I’d prefer not to use a treatment system which compromises the healthy skin of my patients.

Exfoliating Scrubs: O U R – S O L U T I O N

So many patients that I see confuse the notion of stimulating the skin (healthy) with the notion of exfoliating the skin (unhealthy). Note that these are two totally opposing ideas. Whilst the manual process of exfoliation strips and destroys, when treated and managed by a skin health professional, stimulation of the skin cells intelligently renews from the inside out.

To really kick start a wondrous, bio-logical skin change just the right amount of juice must be delivered to stimulate the papillary dermis, the skin’s engine room, which lies far beneath the outer skin crust. In my practice, we use L-Retinol AGP:

Formulated using the Nobel Prize Winning, purifying science of Chiral Correction, this unique product will deliver natural extracts deep into the skin’s many layers.

Helps to increase skin cell birthing rate, whilst also improving the skin’s structure by regenerating Collagen and Elastin to encourage the exfoliation of older pigmented cells.
Post treatment skin structure will be much firmer and thicker as the inter-connections between the dermis and epidermis tighten.
Repairs the top layer of skin’s barrier function usually disrupted by Free Radical damage and use of synthetic skin products.

The Federal Drug Agency (FDA) in America declared that Vitamin A was the only approved wrinkle busting ingredient. Retinol AGP Complex delivers all the purified goodness of Trans Retinoic Acid (digested Vitamin A) without over stimulation, redness, dryness and tightness. It contains a unique complex of gentle resurfacing agents called Alpha Hyrdoxy Acids (AHAs) which encourage gentle resurfacing and hydration from within.

So repeat after me everybody! "Exfoliation destroys and Stimulation renews".

Check out Medico Beauty’s Body Build and Defy products.

Exfolitating Mitts: O U R – S O L U T I O N

A SpaCell Body Mitt or Facial Pad will intelligently cleanse and rejuvenate your body, creating a very foamy lather with just a pinch of soap. It will give you that really clean feel, improving rough, dull looking skin, without any of the abrasive, chemical or manual exfoliation used by competitor products.

This mitt is made from eco-friendly, unique, advanced, medical-grade materials. It’s better for you, the planet and your purse. Once you buy this wonderful little mitt, you won’t need to buy anymore scrub products.

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