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In our many years of clinical practice – we first started in the aesthetics bizz back in 1989 – I have met hundreds of patients suffering from dry and sensitive skin. We fully understand, therefore, the frustration caused by its many symptoms. To make things worse, there is a lack of effective treatment options available. Many people fall into a vicious cycle of applying more moisturizer to self-treat their problem … without realising that it is the very substance which contributed to their dry skin in the first place.

Isn’t it ridiculous that in the 21st century we are still in this situation?! Babies and children don’t moisturise … Many men don’t moisturise … And none of them suffer from the tight and sore skin that I see day in, day out. So why do so many women and some men suffer from this frustrating problem?

T H E – E A S Y – A N S W E R

The skin is made up of various different layers. The top layer is plays an important ‘barrier function’, creating a natural protective ozone layer which prevents water evaporation. Dry and sensitive skin conditions all signify an unhealthy breakdown in this normal function. Apart from a dehydrating diet, this condition is most typically caused or aggravated by the application of un-purified, synthetic ingredients which are found in most High Street products – such as fragrances, chemical irritants, thickeners and emulsifiers.


The disruption caused by these synthetic products results in Trans Epidermal Water Loss (TEWL), inhibiting the skin’s natural ability to self-hydrate and self-exfoliate. Matters are made worse by congealing moisturizer and dead skin cells which amass on the surface of the skin, causing a build-up of debris which irritate and dull the complexion.

All this inflames the body and, in turn, results in premature ageing.

We, therefore, recommend to all patients that they instantly eliminate High Street and over-the-counter products, including their “moisturisers” and, instead, we prescribe a bio-logical alternative. You know what? With a few very fantastic products which have been formulated with stunning plant actives and intelligent ingredients, I can eliminate the dryness and sensitivity which has plagued my patients for years!

O U R – S O L U T I O N

The intelligent hydrators found in Medico Beauty’s Emulsion by Cosmedix instantly alleviate dryness without compromising this important process of skin renewal.

Formulated with the Nobel Prize winning process, Chiral Correction, all our products can communicate with the skin on a cellular level. Unlike many others, our products can penetrate through the skin’s many layers down into the womb of the skin, the papillary dermis, promoting change in the body from the inside out.

Emulsion contains beautiful Natural Moisture Factors (NMF) and Liquid Crystals which provide a superior, healing function, nourishing the skin’s many layers and replenish existing lipid reserves (which act as the mortar between cells) to form a smooth, clear skin surface.

Once the skin has been corrected, strengthened, made healthy and hydrated from the inside out, I then move my patients off this product and onto the next stage of their corrective treatment process. At this stage, the skin’s barrier function has been healed and then skin can once again hydrate itself without intensive support, just as mother nature intended.

W H A T – E L S E

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