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B E A U T Y – M Y T H S

Just because you might feel the strong effects of a product doesn’t mean that it is more ‘exfoliating’ or that it is ‘working better’.

Many skincare products – even those claiming to be beneficial for ‘sensitive skin’ – in fact contain a number of irritating, synthetic ingredients, such as ‘exfoliators’ and ‘moisturisers’, which disrupt the skin’s natural processes. Next time you buy a product, take a look at the ingredients and really think about whether all those fragrances, alcohols, chemicals and oils are actually good for your skin (or your body).

Between deodorants, make up, lip balms, moisturisers and bad food, modern women – and many men too – absorb hundreds of chemicals into their bodies every day. Apart from causing unhealthy skin, which ceases to behave like nature intended, I’m sure that this also causes untold health complications.

Most High Street products – and even many supposedly ‘cosmeceutical’ products too – don’t actually do your skin any good: in fact, often it’s the reverse and more often than not they are causing your skin D A M A G E.

Such ingredients are not recognised by the skin’s natural thinking systems and are therefore interpreted by this intelligent organ as chemical invaders. These ingredients disrupt the skins processes and cause it to become unhealthy. These products might temporarily mask symptoms with short term fixes but they are simultaneously also causing long term damage. Their ingredients strip the skin of its natural goodness: all without treating the underlying root causes of the problem.

C L A I M I N G – T O – B E – O R G A N I C – A N D – P U R I F I E D – ?

Even though less irritating, without the cutting-edge, advanced science and formulation technology required ‘organic’, ‘natural’ or ‘simple’ products simply cannot communicate with the skin on a sophisticated cellular and molecular level. Without the necessary complex chemistry, these inferior ingredients cannot penetrate deeply through the skin’s many microscopic layers. Instead, they languish on the skin’s upper crust, clogging up pores and grabbing onto dead skin cells which would otherwise be naturally exfoliated away. All this results in secondary complications: dry, sore, oily, uneven skin.

S K I N – C O P ‘ S – A N S W E R

Skin Cop aims to address skin problems at their root, from the inside out. We believe that the healthy function of skin is connected to the optimal health of every other organ in the body, including digestive health!

We believe that the skin it should be cared for as an important organ, reflective of the body’s internal environment, rather than mis-treating it as just a complexion on a face. We advocate a common sense approach and we aim to work with our patients’ natural body systems; remember, the body (and the skin) is programmed to heal itself.

M E D I C O – B E A U T Y

Medico Beauty distributes cruelty free, organic, natural, plant-based and earth-friendly skincare lines which are all free of artificial preservatives, parabens, dyes and fragrances.

All our skin kind products have been formulated using Nobel Prize winning chemistry and intelligent ingredients. All our products contain the most cutting edge, intelligent, medically evidenced, active ingredients available in order to achieve maximum results with minimum downtime and discomfort. The products we distribute all contain intelligent ingredients which can communicate with the skin on a cellular and molecular level. They can, therefore, absorb deeply into the skin, through its many microscopic levels, down into the inner engine room, called the papillary dermis. And the results really do speak for themselves.

The chemistry may be complex and Nobel Prize Winning, but the concept is simple: to provide YOU with the strongest, most effective tools currently available in order to heal your skin back to full, lustrous vitality … on a permanent basis.

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