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Discounting process is nothing new in advanced beauty, medical aesthetics and even in plastic surgery today. We’ve seen it all over the years and always advised our customers to cease and desist!

Right now, some of your competitors are racing around charging less for laser hair removal, “med-spa” services and even the medical injectible Botox so as to make a fast buck in recession clad times. At Medico Beauty, we have followed our colleagues and expert’s advice and also advise our treasured clients to provide great service, offer an exceptional client- or patient experience and hold on to their fees.

The front page of the New York Times on Sunday, October 2nd, is evidence, that this advice is correct, so we think that it might be wise to share it with you.

The headline reads: Coupon Sites Are a Great Deal, But Always to Merchants

The story goes on to say:

Like businesses across the UK, the Madison Avenue New York spa Wellpath tried to drum up customers by running heavily discounted coupons on deal-of-the-day Web sites. However, as we’ve always predicted and as can be seen, the discount coupon fad is shrinking faster than fat from a weight-loss laser.

Discount Coupons for this particular spa drew women from around the New York metropolitan area eager to see their bulges melt and their wrinkles removed. Once.

Then they would get another coupon and go do the next session with someone else,’ Wellpath’s Director, Jennifer Bengel, said.

There was no loyalty.”

The moral of this tale is that if you are looking for bargain hunters—and customers who will drain 80% of your energy for a 0% customer return on satisfaction and who will also guarantee you with a 0 % long-term customer loyalty and cross referral relationship, then call your IT guy, your printers and set up your discounts, coupons and free offers scheme in your centre and online!. If on the other hand, you are looking for real clients and patients who value you and your standards of care and who will stay with you, your business oryour practice for a long time to come, then avoid cheap gimmicks and any such marketing tactics!

I recently saw this Daily Mail article and it really summed up the dangers of discounting: ultimately, it does not encourage repeat and loyal customers.

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