On October 6, 2011 by constance

With my patients, my main aim is to deal with the root cause of common cosmetic skin concerns.

At the London Wellness Centre, we rely on DNA repair to change the physiology of a skin cells. They body (and the skin) is programmed to heal itself.

We ensure that an integrated, bespoke programme is created for each of our patients, consisting of the best topical skincare, matched by a series of in-house treatments. We prescribe the best vitamins and minerals available to promote wellness and a digestive health plan in order to back that up and heal from the inside out.

In the area of skincare, we do low or no downtime, no exfoliation and no annihilation. We also boost immune function.

I use the “onion” as a good analogy of how the skin is put together anatomically. The skin is the outer layer, followed by a layer of fat, and then, a strength layer, fat pads, and neres/muscles/blood supply. The deeper layers contribute to the naso-labial-folds – the folds ()s around the mouth – the jowls, the hollowness of the cheeks and the loss of crispness of the neck.

Procedures like chemical peels, laser, coblation, are great for tightening the skin and reversing the signs of premature aging due to sun, cigarette smoke, and environmental oxidants, etc. But they will do nothing for lifting the deeper layers that have descended over time.

Surgical rejuvenation procedures such as face lifting are great at restoring the deeper structures to a more youthful state, but they also do not restore the skin (outer layer of the onion) to a more youthful condition.

To truly maximise results, these treatment systems need to be combined with nutrition, homecare plans and in-clinic peels.

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