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It is not only heart disease, which is rare among the Eskimos, but also skin diseases and common cosmetic skin concerns.

This is due to the high content of omegas-3 fatty acids (especially EPA and DHA) in their diet. These fatty acids, when incorporated into all the cells in the body and into the cells of the skin reduce oxidative stress and silent inflammation.

G O O D – H E A L T H – G O O D – S K I N

In addition, these fatty acids make the skin suppler and more elastic by the same mechanism, which makes ocean deep water fish stay supple in the very cold waters they inhabit. Without those fatty acids, the body and the skin would be very stiff and loose vitality and texture. Extensive research has proven that skin problems such as dry skin, eczema and psoriasis are all greatly improved by the intake of essential fatty acids, which is due to their anti-inflammatory effect. To optimize the effects, the quality of the essential fatty acids as well as the correct balance of omega 3 and 6 and the use of GLA is of the utmost importance when properly utilizing essential fatty acids for added nutritional and anti-inflammatory effect.

P R E M A T U R E – A G E I N G

Free radicals contribute substantially to the aging of the skin and the ageing process. Antioxidants in Eskimo Skin Care, especially the unique natural antioxidant blend Pufanox and certain antioxidants associated with the omega-9 fatty acids in Eskimo Skin Care neutralise the effects of free radical damage.

The unique content of EPA, DHA, GLA and the beneficial addition of Antioxidants in Eskimo Skin Care delivers a quality natural formula to keep the skin young and elastic, whilst also ensuring an additional overall health benefit.

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