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On your first visit, a comprehensive consultation and assessment including a skin analysis starts every patient’s process. Expect to be in the practice for up to one hour and fifteen minutes. You will be asked to complete a comprehensive health and skin questionnaire and you will be photographed. One important element of your assessment and consultation is a thorough assessment of your skin.

You will be given instructions on whether to avoid wearing make-up if you are having an initial comprehensive assessment and consultation or whenever you are embarking on a treatment. It is not usually our policy to carry out treatments on the day of an initial consultation on patients who have not have not been to the practice before.

As part of the administration process, you will be asked to fill out a Patient Information Sheet. This ensures that we hold the relevant details we require to facilitate the administration of your treatment and care. To make the most of your first appointment, please bring all available and relevant information that may be relevant to you.

It will also be helpful to bring the name and addresses of your General Practitioner and any relevant medical information you may have. In addition, please bring a complete list of the skincare you use and the nutritional supplements you take, so that we have a list of the exact ingredients in your supplements. If in doubt, please bring the skincare and the supplements themselves.

Find out about the details of making a first visit by calling the appointment desk at The London Wellness Center on: +442073419972.

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