On October 4, 2011 by constance

ATP is very effective with preventing and treating adrenal stress as well as other benefits such as weight loss even in stubborn areas such as thighs and hips.

In Vegas, I met with a few practitioners in US who claimed that taking supplement alone, with no dietary changes help shift 4-6 ilbs. Personally I have found that my energy levels are very good throughout the whole of the day and it also helps with weight loss.

As we age ATP declines leading to cell inefficiency. ATP is the fuel which provides energy for cellular renewal and normal function so as supplements go, ATP is a crucial building block for optimising health and combating the ageing process at its root.

Contact The London Wellness Centre to order either sample pack 10 caps or 120 caps.

120 caps RRP £49.00 – usually take 6 caps per day so this lasts for 20 days.

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