On October 6, 2011 by constance

With summer coming to an abrupt close, we can all look back with regret, as the evenings and winter draws in and engulfs us. The look on my patients face when they come in to see me at this time of the year tells me that they either enjoyed themselves too much, during a summer of fun, or that they did not enjoy themselves at all!

After the end of the summer, there always many who rush in to see me regretting a season of skin sins.

There will be those who skimped on a chemical sun protection and baked away with all-day sun-sessions. They have too many bad carbs and cocktails written all over their faces and now, as the party season looms in for Christmas, they’ll be needing a bit of preening, in time for the little black dress.

I see an endless stream of those who having spent a lifetime lying and frying, or playing tennis and golf, forgot to slap on enough sunblock. These types of patients come into my office to see if I can peel away the years. These well informed patients will know all about Fraxel, Thermage, radio frequency and all the high technology that is written up in the popular Press. However, will they know what it really takes to save a face? Absolutely not! That would mean re-educating and building up from the foundations – and most women just want a quick treatment, a miracle cream, or a procedure.

My job as a Medical Aesthetic Practitioner is to help people who want to look better, achieve their optimum level of beauty success. I am not however motivated entirely by only achieving beauty. Wellness is really my passion – but I achieve my wellness results through the motivational dynamic of making people look better.

It is amazing how a patient will be interested in hearing about Botox or the work I can do volumizing skin with l-poly lactic acid (Sculptra) and other chiral compounds, but not quite make the connection that optimizing one’s good ageing is working from the inside out and the outside in. Therefore, good health is the absolute sine qua non to looking fantastic. It is a myth that slapping moisture cream on or injecting dermal filler into the face, is all it takes to change a face. Nothing could be further from the truth. Anti-ageing work for us is highly scientific, but it is so simple, so let us start with what it actually takes.

I motivate patients to change their lives by making changes in their skin first. By far, the most satisfying and results orientated method that I employ, however, is a combined effort that involves the patient engaging in a simple wellness solution, which drives an intrinsic and extrinsic change process. It is very “see it on the face” focused and gives excellent results. I have many advanced scientifically proven remedies, such as Botox and Advanced Dermal Fillers, and Sculptra which although it is not a dermal filler, it restores the face as the patient’s own collagen is re-ignited.

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