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We believe that all ‘bad skin’ is as a result of unhealthy and abnormal body processes. It’s not just a face, your skin is the largest organ in your body and intrinsically tied to healthy body function. We all shine from the inside out, not the other way round.
We promote good (healthy) ageing. We are less focused on the notion of ‘anti-ageing’. We fight a battle against premature ageing which is caused by silent inflammation in the body.
Silent, internal inflammation (as a result of things like UV damage, smoking, drinking, stress) causes cellular decline and corrupts the skin cells (like a computer infected by a virus), meaning that your body ceases to behave in a healthy way.
Use your common sense and work with your body’s natural systems. Your body is programmed to heal itself. When healthy, the skin can behave in a healthy manner all on its own, hydrating and exfoliating itself naturally – just like when you were a child. There is no need to manually moisturise or exfoliate your skin.
If you are going to use products to correct damaged skin or maintain healthy skin, you need to use intelligent ingredients which can interact harmoniously with your body.
Less is more – don’t pile our product on. One pump will usually be enough.
Synthetic ingredients, exfoliating and moisturizing are all bad for your skin. Do not use alcohol, detergent, chemicals and manmade substances on your skin. See what skin cop has to say about many High Street products.

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