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Most of my female patients do not eat a lot of red meat and fall into the pattern of being slim on the outside but not at optimal health on the inside.

The main reason that patients come to see me is to achieve better skin and to conduct an anti-ageing programme. Most of my patients live stressful lives. As often as not, they are unaware that they have Anaemia… They are also unaware of the fact that they can develop Adrenal Fatigue over many years. The reality is that conditions such as these are the corner stone of disease entities and premature ageing. They also takes their toll on the body and face.

I N S I D E – O U T

I want tmy patients to achieve the optimum benefits and results from a rejuvenation perspective. This becomes clearly visible on their faces and bodies in a very short time. There is less emphasis on extrinsic rejuvenating procedures and treatments only. Most importantly, for them they are engineering a correct anti-ageing process through evidenced wellness medicine and I am most pleased that in the process i am also able to reduce the external signs of pre-mature ageing.

N U T R I T I O N – N O T – D I E T I N G

The above is one of the key components I utilise in my quest to put together the right help that such patients need to achieve the best possible results. For that reason, our Practice Nutritionist Robyn and I, work closely together and allow at least one session to be dedicated to nutritional assessment and comprehensive nutritional counselling. Patients go away with all the right facts and can steadily build their future health on a very sound footing.

V I T A M I N S ?

Having taken that step, our patient understands that whilst most vitamins are obtained from their diet, some vitamins, especially B and C vitamins are easily lost or destroyed during cooking and processing. Supplementing with the right Vitamin Complete Plan, helps replenish the body’s supply of these vitamins and the other crucial vitamins and minerals that the body needs to optimise wellness and slow down ageing..

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