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SKIN COP celebrates the concept of ageing gracefully, beautifully and healthily. Treat your skin as a precious organ which reflects your internal health.

I AM NOT FOCUSED ON ANTI AGEING. We all age – me included. However, what I don’t want to do is age badly and prematurely. I encourage all my patients to change their mindset and come to terms with a healthy ageing process. Trying to look like a 19 year old when youre 45 looks plastic fantastic and awful. However, using a combined health, wellness, surgical and non-surgical approach can make a 45 year old look 1000 times more attactive, finished, glamorous and gorgeous than a spotty 19 year old in cheap clothes. so HA!

C E L L U L A R – D E C L I N E

Far below the surface of your skin the body is programmed to continually repair and regenerate on a cellular level. Skin ageing occurs when this delicate process, replacing what has been lost through exposure to inflammatory factors such as UV exposure, is no longer in sync. The DNA programming which allows for normal cell behavior becomes mutated, similar to a computer infected by a nasty virus. The cell renewal process slows so that it is less efficient and more easily corrupted by attack from Free Radicals, rogue oxygen molecules which cause damage to the skin cell, sending it into accelerated decline. Poor skin regeneration is compounded by internal inflammation, further weakening normal cell behavior, damaging the building blocks required to make more Collagen and Elastin.

P R E M A T U R E – A G E I N G – ?

So, I join forces with my patients and support them in the battle against premature ageing, an untimely process which makes many look far older, unhealthier and more unattractive than they should.

The health of your skin – the body’s largest organ – is also reflective of themind, body, soul and environment. The optimal operation of these different yet also interactive elements fortify the skin’s capacity to work as a protective barrier which can effectively neutralise environmental stresses.

Contrary to popular belief only 36% of ageing is dictated by genetic predisposition. In fact, the rest is up to you (and us). The answer to managing this other 64% of the process is simple: the more inflammation that the body is exposed to, the greater the rate of premature ageing.

Skin health is determined on a cellular level by the integrity of DNA programming. A complexion becomes compromised when internal, silent inflammation causes vital body systems to decline. This means that normal skin function mutates, similar to a computer being infected with a virus.

Premature aging refers to the unnatural acceleration of the natural ageing process, due to Free Radical Attack resulting in Silent Inflammation of the body. Most typically, this is caused by:

UV Damage: Attacks the skin’s software, causing inflammation, lines and skin discolouration.

Smoking & Free Radical Attack: Approximately one quadrillion Free Radicals per puff!

Poor Digestive Health: Leads to toxic overload on the skin.
Drinking Alcohol: Creates inflammation and dehydration.
Synthetic Chemicals Found in High Street Products and Many Cosmeceuticals: Confuses healthy skin, causes irritation, reduces repair + protection, leads to premature ageing.

While the natural ageing process cannot be slowed, many patients who I see complaining about signs of ageing are actually suffering from premature ageing due to their unhealthy lifestyles. The characteristics of premature ageing can be reversed by Skin Health Practitioners using the right types of products and techniques.

T R E A T M E N T – O P T I O N S


Our stimulating programme contains a hero active ingredient called Retinol AGP. This ingredient will penetrate deeply through the skin’s many layers to activate its internal engine room, called the Papillary Dermis. This wonder Vitamin A derivative will speed up the cell production rate, resulting in an increased production of Collagen and Elastin. Meanwhile, chemically purified Hyaluronic Acid will intensely hydrate and instantly plump. By encouraging the exfoliation of older pigmented cells, our programme will repair the top layer of skin’s barrier function – often disrupted by Free Radical damage and the use of synthetic skin products. Expect post treatment skin to become firmer and thicker as the inter-connections between the Dermis and Epidermis tighten.


DERMAplan™ encourages healthy SKINutrition for patients of every skin type. If you are prone to sugar cravings consider the effect of that binge on your skin as well as your hips! As we age our metabolism slows leading to excess sugar floating around in the blood stream which is attracted to protein. When combined, they form sugar barnacles on Collagen and Elastin fibres which stick and harden…resulting in premature ageing.

We encourage all our patients to review their diets and exercise routines. We also encourage our patients to supplement their diets with the following:

ATP Vitamin B Supplement helps to increase energy, enhance athletic endurance, burn fat, erradicate cellulite, make the skin shine and improve mental clarity. Quite simply, my life quality would be much reduced without this wondrous supplement.

To really detox the body and ensure that it has all the nutrients it needs, also opt for Cosmedix’s Balance Absolute Greens and Restore Colon Cleanse.

I encourage all my patients to take Vitamin D and Fish Oils Omega 3, 6 & 9 every day.

ISO D3 by Metegenics and Eskimo Oil are total musts. Similarly to ATP, these two supplements have changed my life and the lives and health of many of my patients. I cannot recommend these highly enough.

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